Corporate Consultancy & Practice in Pakistan - Trademark consultancy


KMS Law Associates is presently providing consultancy and litigation in almost all areas of Corporate activity.
The salient practice areas are under:

  • Constitutional Matters
  • Corporate Affairs
  • Civil Disputes
  • Admirality Cases
  • Property Matters
  • Recovery of Money
  • Criminal Cases
  • Sales Tax / CED / Customs Duty
  • Income Tax
  • Trade mark & Patent Design
  • Rent Cases
  • Labour / Service Matters
  • Family and Succession Matters
  • Intellectual Property, Patents, Design and Trade Marks
  • WTO, GATT, Anti Dumping Laws and other International Protocol

Trademark Copyright, Patent Design

  • Registration of Trade Marks / Copyrights / Patents /Designs.
  • Obtaining search Reports from the Registrars.
  • Filling of Objections and Replies before the Registrars.
  • Tracking the publications in Trade Mark Journals.
  • Publication of Legal and Public Notices, Intimation and Objections regarding Trade Marks / Copyrights / Patents / Designs in the Newspapers.
  • Communications with Intellectual Property Organization.
  • Filling and defending cases before Registrar Trade Marks / Copyrights / Patents / Designs, District Courts, High Courts and Supreme Court of Pakistan in respect of infringement and passing off.